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Now you can know how your employees really feel!

“How does my team really feel?
Well after 6 weeks of Happy Index i can say that we are 😊.
The honest and interesting discussions we receive in my projects are about the why - so we have promised ourselves to be better at feedback.

It's a wonderful feeling when a person, whom I usually don't speak to often approaches me and then says: "You are doing such a fantastic job, I want to say thank you for what you are doing!". It warms my heart and fills me with energy.”
Fredrik Wincent
Executive Manager - Veidekke MAX

Knowing your team

By letting your team members answer a few important questions in our app, you’ll gain new insights about how they feel. A happier team from a easy to use app.

By using algorithms and AI (machine learning), we can help you identify early warning signs which can help you prevent issues – much sooner than before!


Honest feedback – at any time

Since the responses are anonymous, the employees are more likely to open up.

Giving open and honest feedback can be quite difficult for most - it's easier to trust the app since all responses anonymous.


Tip of the day

When someone uses Happy Index, they can see their own happiness dashboard where the ‘Tip of the day’ is shown. The ‘Tip of the day’ is a message sent to that person, to inform him/her how to take action if he/she is experiencing any form of mistreatment.


Make improvement where it’s needed

With our reporting tool, you can make deeper analysis of the results you’ve gained. You can even track your employees well-being over time.

Why not follow up and report the well-being at your next meeting? With the overview report you can easily see if any team might require extra attention.


Why Happy Index?

The strength of Happy Index lies in the easy to respond intuitive question that takes only seconds to respond to.

We analyse the responses in real-time and you will immediately see your happiness index in a graphical chart, which you use to guide your work with core value principles.

Get answers quickly

You will get the results in real-time!

Act immediately

You can take immediate action based on the insights you’ve gained, and also get real-time response on how your actions played out.

Few questions inrease response rates

It's easy to respond which gives you better feedback.

Get happier today

By start working towards a better and safer workplace

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email us at: hej@gethappyindex.com

How Happy Index works


Contact us.

You contact us to let us know that your team/company is interested in Happy Index. We will reach out to you and help you get started with the best setup based on your unique requirements.


Tell us how you feel

Once the application is downloaded on every team-members phone, they will anonymously answer a quick question about their well-being. They can also leave an anonymous comment if they want to!

Your team members can always track their own Happy Index and compete with themselves by collecting points each week they respond to the question.


Analyze the results

You get access to analyse the results for the entire company, all individual teams/projects and even down to the anonymous individuals. This gives you a good overview and it makes it easier for you to decide what actions to take. For example: why does customer support have higher index than business development? Why are two people in online support not as happy as the rest of the team?


Tips, guides and community

Soon we will make it possible for you to access a community with tips and guides created by experts. They can assist you when trying to increase your Happy Index. You will also be able to share your experiences with others.


The pricing is really simple, €3 / employee and month + a small fee for the initial help with getting you up and running in the best possible way.

Get a happier team!

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Contact us now!

email us at: hej@gethappyindex.com

Frequent Questions

Are the responses anonymous?

Yes! When someone gives a response, we encrypt the individuals name. The company will only see is a string of numbers and letters. No one will know your name unless you give us your explicit consent.

How fast can we get up and running?

Within 1-7 days! Sign up for Happy Index and we will set everything up for you.

Why should I use Happy Index?

The power of Happy Index lies in the simplicity of anonymously answering that one important question – only to identify trends and patterns that indicates the well-being of an individual or a team. From this the company can prevent anything negative to happen – on time. * Get results in real-time.
* Act on the results and see the changes quickly.

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